We create Your Concept of Beauty!

Sharp CO.CO is your One Stop Shop for development and manufacturing of cosmetic and lifestyle products.

With 20 years of experience within cosmetic product development and manufacturing, Sharp CO.CO has acquired a key competence throughout the whole value chain - from concept and product development to delivery of the finished product.

Sharp CO.CO transforms your definition of beauty into innovative and customized products and and gives you access to the latest trends, interesting ingredients, unique scents and textures - all for the realisation of your Concept of beauty. 

We develop Private Brand and Private Label 
Haircare, Skincare (Body & Face), Beard, Laundry, Candles, Natural, Aerosols & More.

Be part of a beauty movement where facts, creativity and a holistic take, shape the future of cosmetics

To Sharp CO.CO Cosmetic Concepts, beauty is colourfulness, inclusion, creativity and sensory experiences but we also strongly believe that beauty resides in science, truthfulness and consideration – far from fake news and green washing.

With consciousness, creativity, transparency and security, we give you knowledge in order for you to make conscious choices and decisions regarding everything from ingredients to sustainability that you feel that you and your brand can stand for.


Sharp CO.CO works with all types of cosmetic and lifestyle products. We can help you develop products from a to z, but you can also choose to hire us for handling specific parts of the product development or manufacturing process.

Sharp CO.CO can for example help you create a detailed brief for your products, find a manufacturer that fulfills your needs and demands, analyse INCIs, research packaging alternatives and give you recommendations from a professional, smart and sustainable perspective.

We also offer services such as copywriting and regulatory support, workshops and lectures within cosmetic chemistry etc. and can help you with necessary registrations.

No question or inquiry is too small.

Your brand, your needs, your unique choice

Private Brand

Are you ready to expand or realize your Concept of Beauty? Haircare, skincare, detergents, scented candles – Sharp CO.CO creates 100% tailormade products based on your ideas, vision and brand. We identify your needs in a brief and handpick specialized manufacturers for your products. We develop concepts, unique formulas and a design that reflects you.

If you’d like a faster process, we have developed innovations and advanced formulas that haven’t yet been launched. These can be adapted to your brief and timeline and become your own products.


Sharp CO.CO has a strong passion for skincare and haircare, and for helping brands to develop unique products based on new research and knowledge within cosmetics. The development within the beauty industry is fast paced, with new ingredients and packaging innovations constantly being released. Apart from high quality demands, focus is put on sustainability and the environment.

Via Sharp CO.CO, you’ll get access to special competences within all areas of the development and manufacturing process. We create tailormade cosmetic products, ranging from revolutionary creams, outstanding masks for hair and skin and advanced exfoliating serums, to savage beard products and compelling hair products.

What kind of products reflect your Concept of Beauty?

Star Pieces

Sharp CO.CO is continuosly working with product development based on current and upcoming trends. This enables us to offer you new and advanced formulations that haven’t yet been launched, to boost your brand and product portfolio.


SPA & Hotel

Let your guests scent, experience and bring with them the feeling that you want to convey home.

Sharp CO.CO is specialized in SPA-concepts, scents and products. We create unique products and experiences for your guests that reflect you and tell your story. Product developments and innovations within this area are part of our core competence, and we collaborate closely with aroma therapists to create a holistic experience for SPAs and Hotels. 

With unique essential oils, vegetable oils, bodyscrubs and massage products, we can create new rooms - both physical and mental.

Candles & Scents

Thanks to a new collaboration, Sharp CO.CO can create tailormade massage and scented candles for your brand.

Scent experiences are a central part of cosmetic development. Scented candles, reed diffusers and pillow sprays allow you to take your brand one step further. They are all handcrafted in Sweden and produced with quality and consciousness in mind. 

Apart from room scents, we develop other lifestyle products including laundry, cleaning and petcare products.

Perfume creates new - and turns old - memories and dreams alive.


Apart from being a One Stop Shop, Sharp CO.CO offers consulting and support in all parts of the value chain in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic and lifestyle products. No question or inquiry is too small for us. Welcome to contact us with your ideas, thoughts and questions, and we’ll guide you through the beauty jungle.

Your brand, your needs, your unique choice

Examples of services that we offer

  • Counselling, analyses, your sounding board
  • Research and recommendations of manufacturers whose competences match your product ideas and demands
  • Ingredients-research and recommendations, analysis and feedback on INCIs
  • Research and guidance regarding sustainable alternatives and products
  • Regulatory support and guidance
  • Art work support, copywriting and feedback
  • Lectures in cosmetic chemistry, haircare, skincare, cosmetic trends, sustainability, aroma therapy, perfumes, ingredients and design
  • Workshops on product development, cosmetic chemistry, manufacturing of cosmetic products
  • Focus groups for evaluating new products, scents, designs etc.
  • Specific parts of the product development process that you’d like us to execute or support you in.

Private Brand

Hand picked chemists and manufacturers for each project

Sharp CO.CO is your Product Manager, driving innovative development of the formula (recipe) and packaging (design, artwork, USPs, claims) in close collaboration with the best actors in the industry, specialised in ingredients, scents, aroma therapy, packaging design, product formulation and manufacturing.

Sharp CO.CO can thus offer a big palette of different types of beauty products, make smart decisions for you and at the same time control the whole chain while you save time and resources and can focus on what you do the best.

Sharp CO.CO leads the creative process and transforms your vision into a customised concept based on your brand, market demands and current trends.

  • SKIN - Face Creams Serums Masks Cleansers Toners Mists Peelings Self Tan Products Shimmer Products Lotions Butters Body Scrubs Moisturisers Hand Balms Foot Balms Brow Gels/Soaps Lip Products Massage Oils Soaps
  • HAIR - Shampoos Conditioners Treatments/Masks Leave In Cremes/Lotions Styling Products Curl Products Serums Hair Oils Waxes Clays Sprays Dry Shampoos Heat Protectors 
  • BEARD - Beard Wash Beard Oil Beard Wax Beard Lotion
  • LIFESTYLE - Perfumes Perfume Balms Fragrance Candles Massage Candles Home Fragrances SPA Products Aromatherapy Essential Oils Laundry Dish Washing Cleaning Pet Products Paw Balms

The process

With us, creating a unique Private Brand product or a product line from scratch includes the following steps. It is entirely up to you if you’d like our full support and guidance throughout the process or if you want to hire us for certain parts or individual services.

1.CO.CO Creative Box - We enter into a joint brainstorming session about your brand, vision and your intended products.
2.Beauty Concept Brief -Together we specify the products, their content, packaging and story based on innovation, trends and your brand. We discuss smart, cost-effective and sustainable alternatives, and go through the basics of cosmetics development.
3.Handpicked Producers - Sharp CO.CO selects one or several specialized producers, based on the concept, the nature of the products and your specific wishes and demands.
4.Development of product formula - Sharp CO.CO leads the development process of the formula & product samples in close collaboration with cosmetic formulators and chemists to ensure high quality and fantastic products.
5.Tailor-made Packaging - Sharp CO.CO conducts research on packaging alternatives & provides packaging samples based on your wishes. We take care of everything from design and colours to sustainability and materials.
6.Design - Sharp CO.CO supports you in the design process and helps with art work, product texts, claims & labels.
7. Regulatory support - Sharp CO.CO gives you necessary knowledge about the cosmetic regulations & helps with registrations and documents such as PIF, CPNP, CPSR, FTI etc.
8.Production & Control - Sharp CO.CO works closely with the selected producers & is involved in the entire production process.
9.Training in the Products - Sharp CO.CO trains your staff and your customers, holds workshops, answers consumer questions about your products, develops marketing materials, etc

Keep it simple!

1. Sharp CO.CO offers you the most simple and secure way to create cosmetic and lifestyle products while never comprimsing with quality and uniqueness. 
You are in full control of the process.

2. Sharp CO.CO offers you the fastest way to get exactly what you want with your priorities in focus.
Our VIP-line to specialized manufacturers will be yours.

3. The process we run will be creative, fun, flexible and customized for you. You tell us your needs, wants and demands.You choose your level of involvement and leave the rest to us.


Beauty has evolved to become a multi dimensional concept with many and different definitions and meanings. To Sharp CO.CO Cosmetic Concepts, beauty is colourfulness, inclusion, creativity and sensorial experiences but we also strongly believe that beauty resides in science, truthfulness and consideration – far from fake news and green washing.

To create an all covering palette of cosmetic art for beauty brands

Sharp CO.CO | Cosmetic Concepts was founded with the mission to, in an easy and secure way, offer your brand infinite possibilities within development and manufacturing of beauty and lifestyle products – all under the same roof.

As opposed to working for one manufacturer only, Sharp CO.CO is a One Stop Shop for our customers through collaboration with a number of handpicked manufacturing partners with different areas of expertise, ranging from advanced skincare, professional haircare and make-up, to scented candles, reed diffusers and household products (laundry and detergents). In that way, we can match your requirements and product ideas with specialized producers and at the same time offer you an all covering palette of beauty and lifestyle products.

A beauty movement where facts, creativity and a holistic take, shape the future of cosmetics

We are aware that compromises are inevitable but focus on helping you make right priorities and decisions, based on your brand’s vision and what it stands for, the “beauty of science”, and the need for a more sustainable future. We understand the complexity in product development and the importance of communication. We want to help you find the optimal, most efficient way to produce hair-, skincare and lifestyle products.

At Sharp CO.CO, we work according to our values co.consciousness, creativity, transparency and security. We give you the knowledge you need in order to make conscious decisions, and create products that you feel that you and your brand can stand for.

We transform brands’ definitions of beauty, creating tailormade, alluring products that deliver wellbeing from the inside out. With a scientific and holistic viewpoint, we develop high-performance products where every piece is carefully considered and constructed to add beauty to the many aspects of life.

What’s your Concept of Beauty?
You are more than welcome to contact us if you have a concept that you’d like to realize.

Beauty-full regards,

Jenny-Ann Höij
Owner & Private Brand/R&D Project Manager
+46 739-37 66 33